Mosaic Mural

The Mural Story

Mosaic MuralBeginning in 2017, Cone Health partnered with the nonprofit organization, Project S.N.A.P., to develop a community engagement program celebrating the theme "Exceptional Care Belongs to All of Us.”  That historic collaboration resulted in the creation of a giant mosaic mural.  The 20’ x 8’ mural, located along the main corridor of the Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital in Greensboro.

 is the first of its kind in North Carolina and one of the largest in the country.  It is made from nearly 10,000 individual works of art created by children from Guilford County public and private schools as well as others of all ages and backgrounds, including our patients, community members and caregivers. This diverse group of individuals donated their art, which shares unique words and images of hope, inspiration and encouragement. 

Through an online virtual art museum, participants will be able to find their unique contribution and where it fits into the “big picture.”   As with all the great pieces of art, there is a story to be told in every image.  It begins with the story of Cone Health, which opened in 1953 as The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital. The mural portrays Cone Health’s relationship with the history, people, culture and the natural beauty of our region.  Throughout the mural are images of what health and well-being means to our community.

Moses and Bertha

The Cone Legacy

The view encourages observers to look through the dogwood trees with Moses and Bertha Cone, whose profiles are in the tree. Their founding contribution to the community and their central roles in starting the Cone Health story are represented by the image of the original hospital in the center of the mural.

The paths featured in the mural symbolize the threads of our community, woven together like a cloth of many colors, inspired by the idea of textiles, an important part of the Cone family story.

Mural - Smokestacks

A Nod To Our Past

Starting from the left, across the horizon, one can see a plane and smokestacks, symbolizing the textile industry, as well as aviation and business. On the horizon line is the statue of the "Woolworth Four" – depicting the four NC A&T students who not only represent the powerful message of civil rights but also the prominence of higher education in our region.

Near the statue is an historical marker that resides near Moses Cone Hospital representing the contributions of Dr. George Simkins, Jr. who paved the way - with other African American physicians from our region - to end segregation in hospitals and health care facilities nationwide.

Mural Stained Glass

Today's Greensboro

Adjacent to the original hospital in the mural is a representation of Greensboro, with the downtown business and cultural hub of the city portrayed. On the far right is a stained-glass window, depicting the importance of our diverse faith and civic communities and their many contributions to the fabric of our broader community. 

Mural Carousel

Care for Future Generations

In the foreground on the left is a carousel with a pregnant woman and her child representing the importance of stewarding exceptional care for future generations. 

Mural Grasshopper

Community Experiences

And on the far right, the Greensboro Grasshopper's mascot signals the fun and joy of community experiences. 

Mural - Life

Natural Beauty

Throughout the mural is the ever-present beauty of our region’s natural landscape. It depicts parks and neighborhoods filled with the richness and texture of the many trees and gardens throughout the community, including the Cone Health Healing Gardens.

As you view this beautiful symbol of generosity and caring, you’ll also see individual artworks that create the larger image reflecting the mural’s central theme: "Exceptional Care Belongs to All of Us." 

Creating Mural Panels