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Annie Penn Hospital Foundation Heritage Club

Individuals who donate a minimum of $5,000 or above are proudly welcomed into the Annie Penn Hospital Foundation’s Heritage Club.  The Heritage Club has five levels of giving:

  • Diamond Level - $25,000 and greater.
  • Platinum Level - $20,000.
  • Gold Level - $15,000.
  • Silver Level - $10,000.
  • Bronze Level - $5,000.

Sustaining members are individuals who have pledged $5,000 or more and his/her name will move to the appropriate level of giving upon completion of donation.

For additional information on benefits of membership, please call the Annie Penn Hospital Foundation office at 336-951-4663.

Charter Members

Mr. Willis W. Apple
Mr. and Mrs. R. Craig Cardwell
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Z. Dodson
Dr. John R. Edwards 
Dr. Thomas E. Forbes* 
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Garrett, III
Mr. and Mrs. Allen H. Gwyn, Jr.*
Cecilia Scott Hester* 
Dr. and Mrs. J. Wayne Keeling
Bernice Penn Moore* 
Mr. and Mrs. Leon S. Niegelsky, Sr.*
Frank R. Penn*
Susan Jones Richardson
Mrs. Mary J. Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Thompson, Jr.
Dr. Robert L. Wheless

Silver Members

Susan and Mac McMichael
Susan F. Shumaker
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Thompson, Jr.

Bronze Members

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Apple, Sr.*
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Apple, Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Apple, Jr.
Mrs. Ruth Ashley
Dr. Belayenh S. Befekadu 
Dr. Mark A. Boles and Dr. Carol A. Boles 
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Foy Brady
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Britt
Lois Lively Clark*
Mr. and Mrs. Marc L. Cobb
Julia Courts*
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Daniel
Dr. and Mrs. Jay M. Donecker
Dr. & Mrs. Luke Eure
Dr. and Mrs. Roy Fagan, III
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Fargis
Laura Lively Felts
Dr. and Mrs. John Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. John Fitzgibbon
Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Foster
Dolores and Ron Franklin
Dr. Hugh Fraser and Dr. Fran DeChurch
Mr. C. Melvin Gantt* & Mrs. Faye Gantt
Mr. Scott Greene and Mrs. Stokes Ann Hunt
Dr. and Mrs. Luis Gonzalez 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Jackson Harrill
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Hawkins Raymond* and Helen Holcomb
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Jenkins
Dr. Franklin Ross Jones*
Dr. and Mrs. N. Freeman Jones, Jr.*
Rachel Creech Lufty*
Mrs. Marie Fargis Martin
Dr. and Mrs. Angus McInnis 
Pleas and Sue McMichael
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Medley
Mr. Jan Craig Moffitt* & Mrs. Grace Moffitt
Mr. Jess Moore* & Mrs. Barbara Moore
Dr. & Mrs. Walter H. Moore*
Dr. and Mrs. Sam J. Morayati
Mr and Mrs. Frederick C. E. Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Sam S. Niegelsky, Jr.
Dr. Ernest H. Reynolds*
Dr. G. Irvin Richardson* & Mrs. Dot Richardson
Helen M. Roach*
Larry and Judy Runyon*
Jeanne T. Stanley*
Jessie J. Stone*
Mr. and Mrs. James Marvin Stone
Mrs. Polly Tillotson*
Mr. Elton Trent, Jr. & Plum Trent*
Mr and Mrs. Elton H. Trent, III
Dr. and Mrs. Rivers Upchurch
Mr. James Van Ness, Jr.* & Mrs. Donna Van Ness Highsmith
G. Alfred Webster
Elaine P. Whicker
Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Whitley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Yates, Jr.

Sustaining Members

Bob and Ellen Campbell
Mona H. Easter
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Farrand
Mr. and Mrs. Mario A. Singleton

(Revised 1/3/18)