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Want to help Cone Health provide for the health and wellbeing of our community? 

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Health care is always a team effort. You are one of our MVPs.

Cone Health is committed to continually growing our services, our impact on the community and our ability to innovate. With our giving society members and our board members on our team, we have complete confidence in our future as a leader in health care, in both our traditional and emerging areas of strength. Thank you for being on our side and sharing in our mission.

Legacy Leadership Circle

The Legacy Leadership Circle was founded in 2018. Membership includes those who have generously and thoughtfully planned and declared their intent to include Cone Health in their estate plan. Legacy gifts can provide long-term funding and support for any of Cone Health’s facilities, services lines, programs and future initiatives.

Donors who have made a planned gift and declared their intent to include Cone Health in their estate plan will be recognized annually for their ultimate gift and be included as members of the Legacy Leadership Circle. Other benefits include:

  • Invitation to Annual Legacy Leadership Circle Recognition Event
  • Inclusion in special educational opportunities
  • Becoming a leader in Legacy Giving for the Cone Health community
  • Satisfaction in knowing your gift will make a difference for the future

Legacy Leadership Circle Members

  • Anonymous
  • Terrence B. Akin
  • Jacob B. Balsley, III
  • Pam  Barrett
  • Ward Bowman
  • Bruce R. Brodie, MD
  • Dora M. Brodie, MD
  • Edwin L. Bryan*
  • Joan D Bryan
  • Beth Burt
  • Noel F. Burt, PhD
  • C. Vincent Long Jr. Charitable Remainder Unitrust
  • John F. Campbell, MD
  • True Campbell
  • George W. Crampton*
  • Dwight M. Davidson III
  • Chick Dee*
  • Constance Dee*
  • Kathy Dillard*
  • Carol Cone Douglas
  • Mae Douglas
  • Stuart B. Ehrenreich
  • Barry S. Frank
  • Rosa Goldsmith
  • Sarah Swain Gorrell*
  • Richard D. Hall Jr.
  • Nancy G. Hemric
  • Stokes Ann Hunt
  • Mary Gorrell Jones
  • J. Wayne Keeling, MD
  • Sandy D. Keeling
  • E. Joseph LeBauer, MD
  • Ann Rountree Lineweaver
  • Brokie Lineweaver
  • Gustav C. Magrinat, MD
  • Mary Magrinat
  • Sandra F. Mascia
  • Lelia S. Moore
  • Caroline T. Murray
  • Annette Porter
  • William A. Porter
  • Roselyn G. Powell
  • Frank Riccardi
  • Carolynn Rice
  • R. Timothy Rice
  • Vilma P.  Roberts*
  • Jerome Ruskin, MD
  • Marnie Ruskin
  • Judith A. Schanel
  • Ernest L. Schiller, MD
  • Susan F. Shumaker
  • Carole W. Simms
  • John M. Simms, Jr.
  • Cheryl T. Smith
  • Henry W.B. Smith, III, MD
  • Marilyn Jean Stella*
  • Barbara Steslow
  • Diana Jean Stuckey
  • Thomas Stuckey, MD
  • Rebecca Thigpen*
  • Susan McCoy Thompson
  • Barbara Wharton
  • Wesley Keith Wharton*

*Posthumously Recognized