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Published on November 05, 2021

Leggett Family: Serving Women in the Community Through Giving

Leggett Family

For the Leggett family, giving to the new Cone Health MedCenter for Women Fund reflects a shared passion for “saying yes” to philanthropic opportunities close to their hearts. Not only is Cone Health clinical transformation officer Kelly Leggett, MD, MHA, dedicated to her work – improving the patient journey – but she and her family believe in personally contributing to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

“When we believe in the work we do and have the confidence that our gifts will be used with prudence to help others, we give back,” shares Dr. Leggett, an obstetrician and gynecologist who has practiced with Cone Health since 2004.

“My husband and I have encouraged our children from a young age to find ways to serve people,” adds Dr. Leggett, whose servant leadership is an important part of her faith. “As a family, we have joint discussions about big gifts and talk about what the money will be used for. We believe in ‘saying yes’ to what is important…whether it is a lemonade stand for charity or something bigger like the MedCenter for Women Fund.”

Having helped conceive the new center, Dr. Leggett believes that by putting women’s health and social needs first, every patient will feel welcomed, valued and cared for. With comprehensive women’s services in one place – including obstetrics and gynecology, behavioral health and a nutrition and education center with a food market – women can receive traditional medical care along with wraparound services to ensure their needs are met.

“When women walk in, we want them to feel at ease…like they belong,” reflects Dr. Leggett. “Using human-centered interviews with patients, we intentionally looked at everything from art to wait times to how to approach women so they feel like we care…and share in their big life moments.”

“While the new facility goes a long way to treating the whole person with intention, we need programs and funds to move the needle on women’s health care and address important issues like maternal and infant mortality,” says Dr. Leggett about how her family’s gift will help patients. “Offering doula services is one evidence-based way we can improve outcomes for pregnant women and their babies.”

“When we bring people together and leverage each person’s strengths, we don’t just build a building,” concludes Dr. Leggett. “We build around the patient experience, and we find solutions for unmet needs. We are intentional about finding like-minded community partners. And we always measure our impact to ensure we are doing things that work.”

For Dr. Leggett and her family, giving back is part of their moral compass, which always points to helping others: “When you see the need – when someone is hurting in front of you – you stop and help.”