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Annie Penn Foundation Board of Directors

As the sole governing body of the Foundation, the board of directors oversees the operational, strategic and financial plans of all foundation activities. Members are active participants in the fundraising process and serve as advocates for the hospital within the philanthropic community.

The Foundation Board is composed of 24 volunteers who are carefully chosen community and professional leaders who preserve the Mission of Annie Penn Hospital and the Foundation to ensure that comprehensive medical services are being delivered in a quality manner consistent with the needs of Greater Rockingham County.

Annie Penn Board Members

Front row (left to right), Taylor Lake, Ellen Campbell, and Anna Johnson;

Back row (left to right), Barbara DeJournette, Mara O’Neil, Stokes Ann Hunt, Shelby Rhyne, Heather Whitsett, Jason Vaughn, Gabe Zeller, Clint Walker, and Mary Beth Powell; Not pictured, Scott Adams, Katie Amos, Robbie Citty, Ronnie Ellison, Sandy Keeling, Sarah Kettles, Wilma King, Liz Luking, Preston Mitchell, Dr. Deirdre Moyer, David Myers, Dr. Gebre Nida, Keith Smith, and Amelia Yarbrough.

Scott Adams

Scott Adams has owned Bob Adams Florist for 37 years. An advocate for the progressive health care of Reidsville, he accepted an invitation from Stokes Ann Hunt to join the Annie Penn Foundation board. If not on the board, he’d be working with other community organizations to find the cure for cancer.

He lives in Reidsville and his significant other is Betty Holder. He enjoys a cold glass of iced tea while doing yard work or playing golf.

Katie McCollum Amos

Katie McCollum Amos has been employed by Rockingham County for 20 years, landing the role of providing qualified pre-retirement survivor annuities through the Department of Social Services six years ago. She believes in the mission of the Annie Penn Foundation and in the power of philanthropy to make great things happen in her community. 

Katie enjoys iced coffee and listening to music with her husband, Tim, and their daughter Mary Anna. She owns a basset hound, Joe, and a not-so-common pet, a bearded dragon named Grainger. 

Ellen Campbell

Ellen Campbell is a retired senior vice president of the stock brokerage company Ferris, Baker Watts. After moving from Baltimore to Reidsville with her husband Robert, she joined the Annie Penn Foundation to reciprocate the kindness she received from the residents of Reidsville after the move.

Ellen and Robert own a cat, Elizabeth, named after the Elizabeth’s Pizza parking lot where she was found. Their three-legged dog, Hopalong, was adopted from a rescue after being found as a stray with his leg caught in a trap. In addition to enjoying her pets, Ellen finds comfort in reading a good book while drinking an ice-cold Pepsi.

Robbie Citty

Robbie Citty joined the Annie Penn Foundation board to support the community that has supported him and his family for many generations. His personal experience with health care issues has enabled him to have firsthand appreciation of the importance of a strong hospital with strong support.

Robbie was born in Reidsville and lives there with his wife, Kelsi. They have two daughters, Laney and Emma. When he’s not assisting the philanthropy board, he’s in the woods, on the water or on the beach. A perfect day for Robbie would be spent fishing from the dock. 

Barbara DeJournette

Barbara DeJournette is a retired vice president of Pelham Transportation Corp. Through her leadership and partnership with the Annie Penn Foundation, she has played a pivotal role in promoting and fundraising for the wellness programs Cone Health provides to the community. One of her philanthropic passions is feeding the homeless. If she had a superpower, she would cure cancer.

Barbara loves history and visiting historic sites around the nation. She lives in Reidsville with her husband, Theodore. Together, they care for a Shih Tzu terrier named Britt.

Anna Hamlet Johnson

Annie Penn Foundation runs in Anna Hamlet Johnson’s blood. A coordinator of maintenance for Williams Gas Pipeline, Anna joined the foundation eight years ago to express gratitude to Cone Health Annie Penn Hospital for providing steady, meaningful employment to her mother for 33 years. Serving on the board gives her the opportunity to make a big impact for Annie Penn Hospital and her community. She has enjoyed volunteering with other foundation members to provide career path-mapping materials to students at Reidsville Middle School.

Anna lives in Reidsville with her husband, Jeremy. She enjoys being outdoors with her English shepherds, Jet and Irish. Anna also owns two cats, Biscuits and Gravy, and an assortment of chickens. 

Wilma Blackwell King

Wilma Blackwell King, originally from Alamance County, is the owner and administrator of Little Kings & Queens Developmental Preschool and has been a childcare professional for 26 years. She values contributing to education in our community and working with others, which is one reason why she joined the Annie Penn Foundation board to promote Cone Health programs. 

Wilma and her husband, Wilbert, have a daughter, Valerie. Wilma loves spending time reading and is always on the hunt for a good book.

Dr. Deirdre Moyer

Dr. Deirdre Moyer of Eden has served as community engagement coordinator for Rockingham County Schools for more than a decade. She joined the Annie Penn Foundation so that she could increase her impact on the community by ensuring that clients receive necessary and adequate healthcare services. She takes her role a step further by assuring clients that even when she’s not in close proximity, she’s just a phone call away.

As a public health educator and certified personal trainer, Deirdre values self-care activities like shopping, exercising, relaxing with hot tea or spending the day with her dog, Sandee.

David Myers Col. USMC (Ret.)

After retiring from the U.S. Marine Corp. after 32 years, Col. David Myers is mayor of Madison, a position he’s held for the past six years. Through the Annie Penn Foundation, the native of Mayodan aims to address and advance the health care needs and issues of all Rockingham County citizens. Col. Myers is passionate about providing veterans like himself with proper health care. 

Col. Myers enjoys spending time outside with his pets, Savannah and Scrappy, or soaking up the sun around the pool with his family — his significant other, Rebecca, children Chase and Madison, and grandson Wyatt. 

Mara Apple O’Neil

Mara Apple O’Neil serves as the director of customized training at Rockingham Community College. Born and raised in Reidsville, she serves on the Annie Penn Foundation board to make the area a better place to live, work, learn and receive medical care. She stands with the community by investing in Rockingham County through her work with RCC. Mara is passionate about mental health philanthropy and advocacy, as well as issues significant to women and children.

Mara enjoys hiking with her husband, William, and their children: Avery, Ella and Thomas. Sometimes, her dog Milo, the springer spaniel, may tag along.

Mary Beth Powell

Mary Beth Powell has dominated the real estate industry with Remax Realty Consultants for 20 years. She admired the leadership skills of members of the Annie Penn Foundation and later joined the organization herself, anticipating the positive changes the group could bring to the community. Philanthropy is important to Mary, as she strives to help others, whether they’re family, clients or strangers.

Mary Beth lives in Reidsville with her daughters, Maddie and Josie. After her morning cup of coffee, she spends her days off outdoors with her daughters and their yorkie-bichon mix named Finn.

Shelby Rhyne

Originally from Gastonia, Shelby Rhyne has served as executive director of the Rockingham County Tennis Association for seven years. She joined the Annie Penn Foundation board to give back to the community and share knowledge from board meetings with friends so they recognize the strengths of Cone Health Annie Penn Hospital as a local health provider.

Shelby and her husband, Garrett, have two children, Logan and Jordan. She loves the outdoors, taking trips to botanical gardens with her Chesapeake Bay retriever, Bodie, or touring historical properties. If she weren’t assisting the board in health care philanthropy, she’d be reading books to children or fighting world hunger.

Keith Smith

Keith Smith is the plant manager of Albaad located in Reidsville, NC. Albaad was founded over 35 years ago in the Massuot Yitzhak Kibbutz in Israel. At the time Albaad was among the first manufacturers to produce private label wet wipes sold at retail chains across the globe.

To support the growing global demand in 2002 the company established a global footprint with manufacturing plants located in Israel, Europe and the United States. He and his wife Joan live in Reidsville. 

Jason Vaughn

Jason Vaughn has been a member of the Annie Penn Foundation board for nearly eight years, joining the organization with a desire to help people maintain good health in Rockingham County. He began working for Landmark Health in 2021. 

Jason is engaged to Sharon Talley and has two children, daughter Logan and son Colton. Other family members include Kalise the cat and Georgia the dog. Jason enjoys the simple things in life, such as balancing a busy work and volunteer schedule by spending a day off relaxing and recharging. 

Clint Walker

Clint Walker, a financial advisor for Edward Jones, joined the Annie Penn Foundation to give back to a community that has provided so much for him. He admires foundation director Stokes Ann Hunt, and appreciates her dedication and vision for directing philanthropy that brings positive change to our community. 

On his days off, Clint heads out to the golf course. He and his wife, Alyson, enjoy their three children — Westyn, Makynna, and Hawkyns — and their dog, Maverick. A little-known fact about Clint: He enjoys country music so much that, in another life, he could imagine himself touring the nation as a country music superstar.

Heather Whitsett

Heather Whitsett has worked for the YMCA for 17 years, serving as group vice president of the YMCA of Greensboro and executive director of the Reidsville Family YMCA. Heather was born at the Annie Penn Hospital, so it was only natural to align herself with the foundation and its health and wellness fairs, which she calls “life changing.” She’s always searching for additional community assistance opportunities, wishing she had the superpower to cure local food insecurities.

Heather lives in Reidsville with her husband, Joe, and their three children: Jake, Sarah and Emily Grace. When she’s not assisting the foundation board, she’s relaxing by doing yard work or fishing. Furry friends include dogs Rugby, Lily and Ben, and a water polo team of ducks: Howard, Donald, Daisy, Cecil and four friends who have yet to be named.

Gabe Zeller

Gabe Zeller, attorney at law, has dedicated his life to fighting cases for the last eight years. Originally from Oregon, he was invited to join the Annie Penn Foundation and quickly engaged in philanthropy, believing in the value of giving back to Rockingham County.

A fan of travelling, Gabe loves to go on trips with his wife, Alejandra. They have four children: Gabriela, Natalia, Bianca and Ezra.

Other board members include:

  • Sandy Keeling
  • Amelia Yarbrough